Anni – the visual artist

Anni Thorn (b. 1970) is a Swedish artist living in the nordic skiresort Åre. Surrounded by snow, northern lights, midnight sun, mountains and wilderness she is imbuing her art with a sense of her tranquil but active lifestyle. This is allowing her to poetically depict natur´s endless beauty and the viewer can through her art connect with its majesty. Anni Thorn is shown at galleries and art venues around Europe and USA. Her work is devotedly owned by private and corporate collectors.

A designer by trade, her gracious sense of the semiotics of form and colour is visible in her frequently layered work in mixed media and acrylics.

“Being surrounded by nature one realize the beauty of purity”

With a year in art- and design at Newark College and a Ba Honors degree in Design Studies (Design Management) at Nottingham Trent University, England, Anni laid her foundation for her love to art. After several years teaching business- and product development at Mid Sweden University, combined with being a business coach at Mid Sweden Science Park, she finally found her true passion and her profession within art and music.

Her art is often created using spatulas and paint brushes to form a well-balanced creation. She constantly explores different styles in order to develop and to keep her passion.  

“If I find a technique or a style hard to master, I spend a lot of time repeating the same momentum to beat it! I never let tools or ignorance to hinder me. If others can, why shouldn’t I be able to. Only the sky is the limit.”